Meetings 2013-2014

Keeping America Safe with a Strong Military and Wise Diplomacy

Scott Brown, Former US Senator

Was the Arab Spring Just a Moment?

Tareq Masoud, Harvard University

Revolutions, Constitutions, and Counterrevolutions: An Arab World Update

Rami Khouri, American University of Beirut

Breach of Trust: How Americans Failed Their Soldiers and Their Country

Andrew Bacevich, Boston University

Worldwide Elimination of Chemical and Biological Weapons: Syria and the Mideast

Matthew Meselson, Harvard University

Pakistan, the United States and an Epic History of Misunderstanding

Amb. Husain Haqqani, Former Pakistani Ambassador to the US

Reforming the World Financial System

Paul Tucker, Former Deputy Governor, Bank of England

Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty

James Robinson, Harvard University

The Negotiations with Iran: Opportunities, Dilemmas, and Challenges

Ariel Levite, Former Israeli Deputy National Security Advisor

Central and Eastern Europe – 25 Years Later

Amb. Ryszard Schnepf, Polish Ambassador to the US

Borders in the 21st Century: Mexico, the US and Canada

Chapell Lawson, Director, International Policy Lab, MIT

Smart Policy Design: Some Lessons from India

Rohini Pande, Harvard University

The Crisis in Sino-Japanese Relations

Ezra Vogel, Harvard University

Civil Society and the Future of 21st Century Statecraft

Tomicah Tilleman, Senior Advisor, US Department of State

Russian Foreign Policy After Crimea

Timothy Colton, Harvard University