The Boston Committee on Foreign Relations is a member organization established in 1946 in cooperation with the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, and currently affiliated with the American Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, DC. Its purpose is to encourage enlightened discussion of international affairs and U.S. foreign policy. It takes no policy positions and is open to members of all political views. The BCFR’s membership is drawn from the leadership ranks of the region’s business, financial, academic, and legal communities and from the local diplomatic corps.


Jan 17, 2018  Lunch

Anthony Saich

Director, Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Faculty Chair, China Programs, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

What Does General Secretary Xi Jinping Dream About?


Feb 1, 2018 Dinner

Elin Suleymanov

Azerbaijani Ambassador to the US

Why the US Needs Azerbaijan as the Hub of the New Silk Road 


Feb 28, 2018  Lunch

Ashton Carter

Former Secretary of Defense

Perspectives on National Security


March 22, 2018  Dinner

Jonah Schulhofer-Wohl

Assistant Professor of Politics, University of Virginia

Quagmire in Syria